Taron Ah Chee - Ray White


Taron Ah Chee
Taron Ah Chee is an expert at relationships; he’s been building and sustaining them for as long as he can remember, with over a decade of professional experience to prove it. Taron learnt the intricacies of customer service and operations within the hospitality industry. Taron’s natural aptitude and determination to achieve was rewarded with a management role in a popular inner-city restaurant. Two years later, he landed a highly demanding position as the sole manager of one of Auckland’s most popular nightclubs. Taron cultivated an invaluable understanding of human nature in these challenging frontline roles, mastering the sophisticated art of customer relations: diplomacy, conflict resolution, crisis management, and negotiation as well as a vast array of financial and administration and skills. This expertise has been an integral part of Taron's successful transition to the real estate industry and leapt at a recent opportunity to become part of the award winning, record-breaking sales team at Ray White Takanini. In keeping with his conscientious work ethic and compassionate nature, Taron views his role as an active one within his community. Easily recognised by his ever-present companion - Italian greyhound, Peanut - he invests a significant amount of time in South Auckland providing opportunities to help people through property.