Frank Aldridge - Ray White


Frank Aldridge
. My background is 19 years in Information Technology (IT). My experience in this industry has provided me with the skill of delivering high-level solutions put simply, so my clients understand exactly what I am offering. I believe this skill transfers to real estate. For the client, you have to provide a range of services with detailed accuracy done with transparency and understanding. I have always wanted to join Nicolette in real estate. Now, I have the chance to share my expertise and create an active partnership in helping people achieve their goals. I am excited by the challenge of matching the right people to the right home. My commitment to seeing projects through my tenacious attitude towards solving problems will contribute to effective online marketing initiatives. With my extensive knowledge of IT and using the Internet as a platform, our marketing campaigns will reach the right buyers, be more efficient and made simple. Nicolette and I are very passionate about achieving what is right for you. Let’s talk about how we can market your home to achieve the best results.