John Williams - Ray White


John Williams
From dairy farmer to real estate sales person, the secret is talking and more importantly, listening to farmers.   My long history of committee work and extensive networking, combined with the Ray White technology, gives a great spring board for finding the right people for your property.   Regular contact with the rural banking sector, other real estate agents and valuers helps keep me well informed on current marketing and pricing trends. My seven day a week work ethic, and a can do attitude around farm visits; in conjunction with a vast wealth of farming knowledge and practice, allows me to understand different farming applications and requirements. With five years experience and numerous successful campaigns, I can put together a comprehensive farm brochure that clearly and concisely demonstrates the value of your property.   Then put together a full contract covering all legal, as well as farming clauses that work, come possession date for both parties.The company has vast rural arms both here and overseas which will allow your property to be viewed widely on the internet, in conjunction with a network of sales people around the country.