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Shon Meszaros
Firstly, Welcome and thank you for investing the time to read my introduction.   Now let's get straight to it - As the old saying goes "It's all about you"  Yes,  When it comes to selling or purchasing a property it is all about you,  I personally believe it's that simple.   Life milestones typically will dictate where you choose to live. For example,  you decide to marry (well done),  you decide to have a family (lots of fun),  that family grows (more fun),  you are moving up in the world (awesome),   you shift for that job promotion,  it's time to retire (put your feet up) and many more scenarios that will prompt a need to sell or buy property.   Now, sometimes that process can seem or become a little daunting,  questions start to race around in your head,  like where do I start?  What's really involved?  I know what I would like to do,  or I don't really have the negotiating skills involved,  these are the challenges that most people face when it comes time to act and realise their dream.   That's where I come into the picture,  although new to Real Estate I have a proven twenty-seven-year career in sales and marketing.  I started in vehicle sales,  which grew into my own car retail business,  involving Consumer Finance,  Rentals, and various other ventures over time.  I have sold well over four thousand vehicles and brokered millions of dollars in finance sales from a small beginning it exceeded all expectations and has been a great journey to date.   I have now taken a fresh approach to my professional life and will use my business experience to represent you in your next property venture.  I love the district and have lived here my entire adult life,  with a fresh outlook and lots of local contacts,  I know I can make your property dreams come true.     Property is such a personal thing and the more I can get to know you and what you need the harder I can work for you to achieve those goals.  I would enjoy meeting you for a friendly confidential and no obligation discussion on on all your property marketing needs.   Please feel free to contact me on  0274 742 790