Bob Johnson - Ray White


Bob Johnson
Bob Johnson has returned to selling real estate, re-training after a break away, and he’s keen to help motivated people sell their properties on Waiheke Island. “I am a happy chappy. I have a relaxed approach, an easy way of listening and selling. I can’t offer people the world but I can offer my experience. I go the extra mile and I keep people informed. “I know a lot of people on the island, I have a lot of contacts. Word gets around quickly on the island. And you never stop learning.” A gold card holder, he sees the world of real estate through experienced eyes. British born, he’s lived in the UK, Zambia and South Africa, working in printing and publishing before entering the world of real estate. He’s always had an affinity for Waiheke, keeping a bach here and enjoying the island’s cosmopolitan community. A family man, he has three sons living in Grey Lynn, Titirangi and Ecuador, and at last count had six grandchildren. “Thank goodness for Skype,” he says. “My grandkids keep me up with the play and the latest technology.” He also enjoys living only one minute away from the office. He loves Waiheke’s beautiful beaches, the island’s friendliness and camaraderie. “People are more open here because there’s not the large population.” Outside of work he’s a runner. “It’s important you’re fit with this job. You have to be alert.” He loves matching people to properties.  “There’s usually one person for every property. My job is to make sure they see it. Once I had a client who didn’t want to get out of the car to view a property but once he saw it, he bought it.”