Pia Reid - Ray White


Pia Reid
Pia brings years of experience and knowledge from her time working in Ray White’s Waiheke and Queenstown branches, and, before that, Colorado where she also worked in the real estate industry.  "I've had the privilege of planning and subsequent construction of custom-built homes in Colorado, the complete renovations of several properties, as well as selling property off-plan. This experience provided me with first-hand knowledge of the many facets of real estate and the skill it takes to bring projects, large and small together." Having had an extensive history in the building industry has helped Pia to have the ability to visualise the potential of every property and she feels passionate about to helping others see that vision, which ultimately maximises the value of a property, either to put to market or to enjoy after they have purchased.  Pia considers it a privilege to be handed the keys to your largest asset and is committed to working tirelessly to provide you with service that combines skill, care, diligence and great enthusiasm. "My main goal is to minimise as much stress as possible and have all parties feel like this was actually an enjoyable process."   Born in France and raised in the States, Pia is fluent in French and English and relishes every opportunity to speak in her native if less frequently used tongue.  If you would like to explore how to maximise your home's potential, contact Pia on 021 119 1013