Calen Barrell - Ray White


Calen Barrell
Born and bred in Whangarei, Calen has a passion for the area and strong family ties in the region. No stranger to Ray White he previously worked in our property management and administration departments before taking time out to spend two years in the New Zealand Armed Forces.  Whilst in the army, Calen learned that small details become important, that discipline and hard work are essential to getting things done, that to be dependable an understanding of people’s needs and a relationship of trust must be maintained. We are delighted to have him back in the Ray White Whangarei family, this time as part of our sales team.  Strengthened and honed by his time in the army Calen brings with him youth, enthusiasm and a genuine interest in putting people and property together. Calen moved back to Whangarei to be near family and friends and because, well, he simply loves it here.  He sees Whangarei as his home and is enthusiastic about the potential and opportunities this growing community has to offer, and the direction property is currently moving in.