With years of sales under his belt already, a shift to real estate has been the most exciting challenge yet for Prince. Being young, driven, and full of perseverance, he is ready to help you sell your property or find your new home.

After working in construction briefly, he moved into the world of sales. He has a very broad sales experience across a range of products and services. From charity, to multi million dollar companies, and engineering products to double glazed windows. By doing well in these roles he has found the motivation for success. That motivation has driven him to smash personal records for 6 months in a row, and be awarded many top performer awards. Before you’re homes, he was selling cars. After a successful sale to a real estate agent, the praise he received from a fellow salesperson drove him to find his next challenge. Prince felt accomplished as a sales person after the acknowledgement from a real estate agent. That lead to the idea that he could succeed in a real estate role.

For Prince, success means helping people find their home, building his business and personal brand. Becoming a well known agent in Takanini is his main goal now as real estate is a growing passion. His passion extends to homes and property, with long term goals to be investing in, and developing property within the next 5 years.

Problem solving and finding the best solutions for a client is an important part of Prince’s role. He finds by analyzing and properly defining the client’s problems and needs, you can take the time to put the effort into the important issues and solve them logically.

Now that he’s a part of the Ray White Takanini group, he has come to admire the family orientated business that they’re running. The commitment to performance and customer integrity allows him and his peers to thrive in the area.