Anne is passionate about Real Estate and her slogan of ‘up front and down to earth’ sums her up well. She is a mother of 4 and was a nurse for over 20 years so this added to the fact she was married to a builder for 27 years, all assists her greatly in her real estate career with sellers and buyers often who can be quite stressed about the whole process. She has been in real estate now for over 13 successful years.

She is a workaholic who is always out to do the best for her clients and she always ensures they are all ‘nursed’ through the process of selling and buying and they get great support and advice on how to go about the whole process. She is supported by a very energetic and talented team of colleagues. Anne sells on average 1 property per week and has done for over the last 8 years so clearly her methods of selling (whether liked by buyers/sellers or not) work incredibly well for her with her days on market being extremely competitive in the selling environment. Anne is always extending her knowledge in the real estate sector and has done extensive training in Australia and the US to ensure she is always ‘up with the play’.

Anne would love to hear from you to assist you with any of your Real Estate transactions. She is always there ready to help in her happy, non-judgemental and upfront way.