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Jacqui started her real estate career in 2001. Over that time she has achieved many awards and accolades for outstanding achievement and results.

With over 20 years of experience, Jacqui is known as the 'Attitude is Everything Lady' for a very good reason. She is always ready with a smile and brings a sense of reality, integrity, and fun when marketing your property. Jacqui tells it like it is. No fancy talk, no padding of the facts. This sense of realism combined with sensitivity to your needs makes Jacqui a very unique realtor. She has fabulous communication skills and a tremendous track record of sales over many suburbs and all price ranges. She understands the target market for each property she is selling and is quickly able to identify the most effective way to reach those buyers. Jacqui also understands that you want to hear from her with updates and she also sees you still need to live in your home, so she manages inspections well in advance and makes sure you know what is happening.

When relaxing, Jacqui can be found having a coffee with family or friends, a nice meal out, visiting family in Perth or Melbourne, at the beach, or simply curled up with a great read enjoying a peaceful moment.

When looking to sell, Jacqui is your Agent, with lots of heart and compassion, strong sales skills & that winning smile.