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Real Estate

Alan Dickson
Selling your home is an important decision and so is selecting the right real estate sales consultant. Alan has the perfect skill set for real estate which he developed through his role as a former manager in finance and customer service delivery (service centres, libraires & swimming pools) in local government. From seasonal fruit pickers to Chief Executives, Alan has dealt with them all and is able to quickly establish rapport and build meaningful relationships with individuals. Selling or buying a home can be an emotional roller coaster at times and Alan has the unique ability to stay calm and listen to what people are saying. These skills allow individuals to feel trusted, respected and valued which ultimately results in better outcomes for all parties involved. In addition to customer service, Alan was also responsible for computer technology and was an important reason why he joined Tall Poppy who have adopted an innovative approach to back-office computer systems and digital marketing that have allowed them to deliver cutting edge real estate sales at a much fairer price to vendors. Alan values honesty, integrity and hard work. He is committed to continually updating his knowledge, skills and utilising new technology in an industry that is very competitive. Ultimately, results are what matter and Alan has the energy, commitment and nous to achieve those outcomes that you as the owner set at the outset. Call Alan today and to have a chat about your property needs.