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Andre Kingham
What Makes A Good Salesperson? Everyone has an idea on the traits of a typical sales person, someone with the gift of the gab, an affable smile and a ready answer. Selling someone’s home though, is far from selling your typical product or service, so is a typical salesperson enough? When I first became a home owner in 2007 I struggled with a lot of the practices used by the industry today. Not only poor or no follow-up from agents with either no clue or an accent, heavy on hidden agenda and sales slogans, but no-price marketing, clearance-style auctions, and expensive reports before actually being able to buy. Even though I would pay top dollar for the right home, I felt I was lost to many homeowners because of the agent. Confusing barriers when searching and disheartening hurdles to then buy. These experiences shaped me and lead me to joining the industry in 2011. Being university educated and with a background in hospitality and sales, I have since worked within one ethical agency out west Auckland with the goal to change these perceptions. By coupling old school human values, with the smartest strategies of the new, I found a way to find 100% of the right buyers, whilst achieving for the homeowner, the very best price possible. Win wins existed. Joining Tall Poppy in 2016 was a natural evolution on this journey. Tall Poppy not only allowed me to stay true to my core service values, but actually perfect the strategies I offered vendors. Their system to create true buyer competition, geared around the vendor at its heart, is next generational. The fact that they are a full service agency, but also dedicated to bringing down the high commissions charged today, unexpected finds, but important fits. There are two promises I make each and every client; 1. That I will work 100% in their interests at all times, and 2. That I will fight for every last dollar. Ask to see some of the glowing reviews from clients I’ve had along the way. If typical just won’t do, and price does matter, give me a call...