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Kris Chappel
Kris was raised in the Hutt Valley and attended local schools and colleges. He is passionate about property, his home territory and delivering a high standard of professionalism and customer service. His background in Graphic Design and Digital Media means that he is well qualified to provide his clients with the best marketing solution to sell their property. Kris believes in the Tall Poppy principles of making real estate FAIR to house sellers through sensible fees and offering a protective and thorough real estate process that delivers the best result every time. As part of the Tall Poppy philosophy, Kris offers you: A transparent flat fee, guaranteed to be the lowest, which leaves thousands of dollars more of the proceeds of your property sale in your own pocket! Tall Poppy’s full marketing service which presents your property to the open market in the best possible way across as many options as possible, using the latest in technology Tall Poppy’s excellent ‘behind the scenes’ processes which keep you updated throughout the selling period as well as ensuring complete compliance with current real estate practice. Give Kris a call today and put him to the test. You will be pleased you did.