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Linda Cunningham
I’ve worked in Retail, Community and Youth sectors and have a large amount of customer service experience. Honesty, hard work, trust, passion, and absolute transparency, are all skills that I apply to my work day in and day out and ones which I have developed over many years working in these various sectors. Having also recently built a house in stoke, I know just how tiring and challenging the building/selling/moving process can be. It’s demanding, it’s tiring, and at times, it can be extremely frustrating. It was a huge project for my husband and I to undertake, but honestly, I’d do it again tomorrow because it widened my knowledge of many topics relating to Real Estate. In my spare time, my husband and I can be found enjoying the company of our grandchildren. They mean the world to us and we honestly never laugh as hard as we do when we’re with them. Family mean everything to us. In summary, from the moment I meet my clients, I am committed to giving an unbeatable experience. With Tall Poppy’s excellent support and streamlined processes, it’s easy to provide a high level of service for my clients. I’d love to help you achieve your goal/s, so pick up the phone and let’s have a chat to see what I can do for you.