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Real Estate

Michelle Bitcheno
Succeeding in Real Estate takes more than just a range of skills, it takes dedication to the belief that nothing should stand in the way of meeting a client's needs. Selling and buying property is the biggest financial decision most people make and ranks as one of the top five stressful events that people experience. My job is to make that transaction as smooth and stress-free as possible. From my first meeting with you through to relaxing in your new property, I will be working to make the process as streamlined as I can. Being able to deliver a high level of service and charge such a significantly lower fee to clients is what drew Michelle to the Tall Poppy brand. She sees the savings coming from the low overheads. These savings go directly to our vendors and Michelle is delighted to be a part of this transformation in the industry. “We are in a changing landscape in the Real Estate industry. Clients are educated and discerning. They want to see value for their fees but still demand great service. A great salesperson will always be needed in these complex transactions and being able to bring the fresh, innovative, honest, Kiwi approach that is Tall Poppy to Tauranga is extremely exciting” With over 11 years in Real Estate and a great people person, I have helped many people turn their dreams into reality. Whether you are a first home buyer, looking to upgrade to the next level, investing or moving into a smaller home, I will make it work for you. After all, that is what I am best at – just ask to see any of my references.