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Raquel Roderick
A little bit about me. As a highly creative person, Realestate has always called my name. I renovated and sold my first house in my early 20's and never let go of my fascination in the house selling process. I spent years asking "How could I do this better? What point of difference could I bring?" Almost four years ago I decided to take the leap and haven't looked back. Since then, I've been fortunate enough to co lead from the start one of Wellington's top realestate teams to be where it is today and won awards in my own right as a sole agent. Despite these accomplishments, realestate got to a point where I didn't want it to be about the money.Although I have had a 100% success rate in selling listings (excluding one during the earthquake) To inspire me long term I needed to know I was doing this for my clients. That I could genuinely give them something of use. I was already staging their houses, getting way more involved than any other agent but was still searching for a true point of difference. People were hurting from the exorbitant amount of money we were taking regardless of the added service I was personally bringing. This is where Tall Poppy Real Estate enters. I met the amazing team leading the company and I knew the point of difference was there. Not only do they provide incredible value for money but also excel above any company I have worked for in the area of compliance, agent support and customer service. Tall Poppy is growing at an exponential rate. I've heard their vision. I've spent much time talking with the owners to see their passion not only to continue growing a thriving company but more importantly to sincerely help kiwi families. This is where I absolutely belong and where you do too.