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Real Estate

Ron Amos
Ron believes integrity and honesty are paramount in life and in business. Many clients have said that Ron has changed their negitive perception of Real Estate agents due to his candidness and his drive to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients. Ron has been working in the Real Estate Industry since 2009 as a Sales Consultant, selling both ‘existing property’ as well as ‘new builds’ in Auckland and then moved to the Manawatu where he took on the role of Sales Manager for a team of 30 staff across two Real Estate offices. He is excited to now be part of Tall Poppy and to be involved in the long overdue change to the way Real Estate is done in New Zealand. Ron believes that when selling a home there are 3 very important and vastly different roles the sales consultant needs to be proficiant at; Marketing, Sales & Negotiation. Ron has had many years of experience proir to becoming a Real Estate Consultant specialising in these 3 areas, from taking a New Zealand made product to the world and establishing strong export markets, to producing TV commercials and promotional videos that won bids to host world sporting cometitions in NZ. Over the years Ron has fine-tuned his ability to negotiate and he gets a thrill from achieving great results that far exceed the expectations of his clients. Ron believes it doesnt matter whether you are buying a new fridge or a new house, ‘It’s all about people... people deal with people they like’.