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Drue Matich
Drue has seen a vision for an attraction brand among the conservative and traditional heavyweights of the real estate industry. As a proven performer Drue knows that in real estate it is not about the promise of a price, but the actual process used that ensures his clients achieve the premium price for their property. Drue’s core values are service, trust, transparency and taking massive action, these foundations build clients that become raving fans about his business. Drue has an ability to read and adapt to each and every one of his clients to make the selling process as smooth as possible. Big Thinker, Game Changer, Deal Maker. Big Thinker: Understanding the big picture… Drue believes it’s not one individual thing that makes us 100% better, rather one hundred little yet important things done really well. Game Changer: Innovative thinking…. Adopting to change, taking action and implementing… no sitting around. Deal Maker: In this market, you need an agent that is going to go out and MAKE the deal happen, gone are the days listing a house and waiting for buyers to come.