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Jacob Binnie
When it comes to selling your home you deserve the highest standard of service. Jacob provides a fresh perspective to real estate that you won’t find anywhere else. Through his charismatic demeanour and unique way of marketing a property Jacob is changing the way we do real estate. Utilising platforms such as Facebook & Instagram as part of his unique strategy, Jacob is placing your property in front of prospective buyers who need to see it. His service is what sets him apart. Jacob makes his clients a priority on all accounts whether when helping prepare the property for sale, by consistent communication, assisting in listing alterations and in his after-sale service. From start to finish you can ensure Jacob will give you the highest possible customer experience. Jacob understands the importance of achieving the best possible result. You can be sure that through Jacob’s strategic marketing strategy and strong negotiation experience, Jacob aims to achieve top market value, rather than your bottom dollar. With an effective marketing campaign and vibrant positive energy every step of the way, Jacob ensures the best overall experience for all his clients.