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Shadi Salehpour
Passion for property, determination and persistence to protect her reputation as a well-respected and known property manager, with five years property management experience makes Shadi one of the best Property managers in the South Auckland Region. Shadi doesn’t see property management as a job, but as a career and also a path and foundation to many opportunities in both her work and personal life, because of this Shadi continues to invest in herself and upskill to be current, to have presence and grow with industry standard. Shadi is a tenacious and hardworking individual who is consistently dedicated and focused on delivering exceptional customer service. Shadi’s honest and upfront personality and her extensive knowledge in the rental market make Shadi well suited to work with investors who have a reasonably large rental portfolios and understand the complexities property investing. Shadi believes property management is about people, take people away from the equation and there is no property, Shadi understands and appreciates the people she works with on a daily basis, tenants, tradesmen and other industry clients. Her clients benefit not only from her years of experience, but also from her contacts and relationships she has built over the course of her career. When not at work, Shadi loves spending time with her family, her partner and her two almost teenage boys who look up to her and from time to time, they will accompany her to that Saturday open home to hand out flyers.