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Sinead Diederich
My philosophy is simple: here to help, leave no stone unturned and give back. This applies throughout the process, from appraisals (complete market anaylsis), exposure (maximised marketing), negotiations and post sale processes. It also applies in my services to buyers. Lastly, our determination to achieve is reflected in our support for the communities which employ us. Why Use Me? Your choice is important; why would you choose me and my team? We offer a complete real estate advisory package. Our professional advice assists buyers and sellers, often over many years, as you create your portfolio, home, and lifestyle. The package provides you, our clients, with years of experience and expertise in property value assessment, in depth market knowledge and comprehensive understanding of the best (continually changing) methods to market your home. Technology is a core element to our business and we strive to stay a step ahead at all times – offering Skype tours, social media campaigns and video to name just a few Your home may be your biggest asset: whether it is or not, there is serious value in real estate. I believe in real estate as an investment and over the last 6 years have helped hundreds of first home buyers, homeowners, investors, and speculators to acquire or dispose of property and manage those investments. Speak to an expert before you take that step: this can save you/make you thousands of dollars. Why Buy With Me? I have always made helping buyers a core part of my business and successfully so, with many buyers reselling through me later. The feedback I get is that I am honest, give good professional advice, am a good negotiator and communicate well.