Experiencing first-hand the importance of buying and selling Jenna is well aware that purchasing and selling your home is one of the most important and biggest decisions that most people will make in their life and she knows for some that does not always come easy.

Her ultimate goal is not like some other’s. It’s not about having the most listing or sale’s, it’s not about another stat, it’s about you and understanding your wants and needs when making the next step when either buying or selling a home, she understands at the end of the day it’s “your” home.

Jenna’s work ethics are one of a kind, having worked in her locally owned family business which gave her knowledge and understanding that really is above the rest. Jenna has also worked for a local building company, sports club and our police college. Her customer service skills and knowledge are second to none. On completing the National Certificate for Residential Property Lending in NZ she took on the role of a Mortgage advisor. For the past 12 months she has been carrying out PA work/ admin for multiple Real Estate Salespersons within the company. Combine this with her knowledge of property finance puts her just that one step ahead.

Jenna is enthusiastic, passionate and understanding, she brings a level of youthfulness and freshness to the Industry. She knows the benefit and importance of the forever changing world of technology and the huge impact this is now having when marketing property.