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Wellington City

David Platt
David Platt is a business partner and Co Director of Tommy’s Real Estate with Tommy Heptinstall - a business that they jointly established in May 1999 and a company that from small beginnings is now firmly established as a leader in Wellington City residential real estate sales. Tommy’s Real Estate Ltd holds a significant market share in Wellington City and suburbs and has also established franchised offices in Lower and Upper Hutt, Tawa, Paremata and on the Kapiti Coast under the joint directorship of Tommy and David. Although coming from a background in real estate sales, David’s role is now more in the support and management of the Tommy’s sales team and in the administrative side of the Tommy’s business as the company has evolved and grown. He has an intimate knowledge of the building industry and he has been a key figure in advising and supporting Tommy’s property development clients. Recognising his all round real estate knowledge and experience, David is currently the Chairman of the NZ Realtors Network, a group of leading real estate agencies from throughout NZ who share ideas and marketing initiatives to keep their businesses at the forefront in an ever changing business world. Prior to starting the Tommy’s business, Tommy and David worked together in a successful real estate sales partnership and they have developed a business model based on delivering a high level of ethics and customer service. More than 16 years later, they continue to daily instill this same level of values in their sales team. Both David and Tommy work in an open working environment with their sales team offering support, advice and encouragement to them and their clients. David has been a Wellington resident for most of his life and currently lives in the central City.