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Helen & Paul work in partnership. - that's two people, with 26 plus years combined experience, working in your best interests. Their complementary strengths, skills and capacity to get the job done, are well appreciated by clients.

Helen is a tenacious negotiator and tireless worker who inspires clients confidence because she knows what she's doing. She joined Tommy's in 2001 and won a national REINZ award the year after - testimony to her exceptional sales record and talent from the get go.

Paul brings to real estate a successful career in marketing communications, advertising and design, his talent for presenting property to the market for sale is second-to-none. He also helps clients prepare their homes for sale with designer advice on layout, styling and general 'zhushing' in preparation for going to market.

Helen's key strengths are her patience and negotiation skills. "The tougher it gets", says Helen, "the more determined I am to bring it all together." She has a rare talent for seeing things clearly and brings objectivity into the business of buying and selling.

"Working with the emotion of selling or purchasing a loved family home is not easy. Helping people feel comfortable with the process is all about giving objective, timely advice and a clear pathway to the sale", says Helen. Reputation, goodwill and integrity count for a lot, not just now but for years into the future.

Paul is an enthusiastic marketer; always ready to find workable solutions for clients and customers alike. "I'm here to help people achieve their real estate dreams and ambitions; progressing their lives forward and make it all happen," he says, "it's the vision of how you want to live and the memories you create that really count."

In 2013 Paul teamed up with Helen in sales. Clients get immense benefit from this team of two - Helen's many years of sales success and Paul's creative talent.