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Wellington City

Jess Platt
Jess has managed to fit a lot into her 29 years including extensive travel and roles in a range of exciting positions for top New Zealand businesses. These include contract roles at TradeMe, Xero and Weta Digital where she was executive assistant to Oscar-winning producer David Conley. Despite loving the film industry, Jess made the decision to follow in the footsteps of her Father David Platt who was a founding partner of Tommy’s Real Estate along with Tommy Heptinstall. Real estate is not new to Jess who had worked in sales at a busy real estate firm in Melbourne in 2013/14 prior to travelling. Why Jess is the right sales agent for you! Jess is young, enthusiastic, vibrant, and empathetic, she has a Bachelor of Commerce Majoring in Marketing and an Interior Design Diploma. Jess and her architect partner have recently moved into the Lyall Bay townhouse her partner designed, so she understands the stress involved in building, moving and all things to do with the purchasing and selling process. “We chose Lyall Bay because we felt it was an under-rated suburb, and in the two years we took to design and get the townhouses built I guess we made the right call – Lyall Bay has really taken off! My partner and I both surf, (happy to admit I’m a learner!) we love the ruggedness of the area and its proximity to both the city and the airport.” Given her marketing background, Jess believes that each property requires a tailored marketing mix to attract premium buyers. “The internet has impacted positively on the real estate industry, but many agents struggle to come to terms with the correct channels to use and how to maximise exposure.” “I believe selling property is a 30/30/30/10 deal in itself. 30% Marketing; who is the target market and where is the marketing money best spent? Every property is different – using a ‘one shoe fits all’ process can damage a campaign. Premium buyers can appear in the first week, so we need to capture their attention. 30% Empathy; how you relate and deal with people. Real estate is about dealing with people under pressure and getting the best from them. They have to like you and trust you. Some people have missed out on 3-4 houses, it’s important that they are treated with care. 30% Negotiating skills; my belief is some of this can be learnt, but much of it is a gut instinct and the ability to think on your feet and deal with what is thrown at you. Travelling on a bare-bones budget definitely helps here. 10% Luck; you make your luck, but I have found if you do the rest of the job well, luck follows.”