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Rachel Cox
Selling your home can be a scary process, however when dealing with Rachel Cox this will not be the case. Rachel has the right tools and will support and assist you along the way! Rachel’s infectious passion for real estate consistently shines throughout all aspects of her work with a belief that there are no limits for her in this industry! With a primary goal and pro-active approach she will provide the most effective and invaluable knowledge to her clients; in order to ensure a pleasant experience from start to finish. Rachel wants to help you get it right - from the beginning, the very first time. “I can guarantee my absolute attention to you, your property and every other detail concerning your real estate experience. I offer all of my clients a completely action-orientated approach to real estate. Negotiation, pressure and the ultimate goal of getting the deal done are what I thrive off in this industry!” Rachel’s success in the real estate industry for over 12 years is defined by getting the best results for her client; by listening first, and then delivering. If you want an agent who works with you as well as for you – contact Rachel Cox today. Over 12 years experience in the Real Estate Industry Pro-active approach Friendly and approachable Excellent communicator Excellent negotiation skills Problem solving skills Passionate and a people person Always putting the needs of her clients first