Tremains - Hawke's Bay

Tremains - Hawke's Bay

259 Emerson Street, Napier



Today, Cox Partners Estate Agents is a household name in real estate. Long lists of testimonials are witness to the integrity, professionalism and success of the company.

We have a philosophy of giving a premium service to clients.

In 1920, the company began in a small study in the home of Clarence Cox. Here, the first contracts were negotiated. Cox Partners has, in recent years, grown and developed rapidly, yet in a controlled and planned manner.

In order to maintain the objectives of the company, care has been taken to maintain only a select team of highly trained professionals.

Cox Partners are leaders. Our marketing practices are widely recognised as some of the finest in New Zealand. We have developed a significant edge for our clients, by employing unique marketing strategies – which is why our results excel.

Excellence of service is difficult to quantify. You know when service is good or bad when you’re receiving it. Gauging how good it will be beforehand is much harder. Promises are easily made. Living up to them is what matters.

At Cox Partners we have a strong motivation. We want to be the best. That’s our direction and our promise.