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Herman Wang
Herman Wang brings a diverse skills set to his new role as sales specialist at Duncan Realty. His background in marketing, management and business ownership, along with his experience in investment, stand Herman in a good stead for his career in real estate where he is specializing in residential sales, motel sales and leasing. The former owner of a Rotorua motel, Herman welcomes the new challenge. Moving from business ownership and management to the fast-paced world of real estate is a natural transition for Herman, who already has well developed networks both in New Zealand and China. His ability to bridge two cultures and work effectively within each reflects his strong communication skills, high level of business acumen and professionalism. Herman’s friendly personality, drive and determination will see him achieve outstanding results for his clients. Warm, sincere and very approachable, Herman has an instant affinity with people. He has lived, worked and negotiated business locally for a number of years and is extremely comfortable in the Kiwi environment. His fluency in Mandarin and broad knowledge of Asian culture are an excellent complement and will prove to be of great assistance in both the buying and selling process. Herman has lived in New Zealand for 16 years and currently resides on a lifestyle block with his wife Ramona, and their two sons. He enjoys outdoor pursuits, travelling and playing soccer. 大家好,我是王和平。 十四年前,我从南岛移居到这座美丽城市,一直经营旅馆,房产投资。如今,我更想同您分享我对罗托鲁瓦社情民情及市场的了解,并为您提供诚挚而热忱的服务。 要买房,找老王!要卖房,还找老王呦!