The most important thing when selling your home is to have someone you can trust to get the best price and overall outcome in whatever market conditions are at the time. One size does not fit all. You will need someone who is experienced, has the specialist skills to achieve this and who you know will work hard for you. You will also need someone who will listen to you, create a plan you are happy with and who can negotiate effectively when an offer (or offers) is found. As you can see by the testimonials of recent clients, Carolyn aims to combine a great price and as stress free seller experience as possible in her sales.

Her background in marketing, teaching and farming have contributed to wide ranging skills and interests, and also mean she can relate to a wide variety of people. This is important when dealing with multiple buyers. She is a member of a band who play regularly for charities, and is involved in other Taupo groups with positive aims. She has a lively sense of fun so many passed vendors can find themselves numbered among her friends when the property has sold.

Carolyn is the kind of person who can only sell something she really believes in and the lifestyle Taupo offers she can endorse 110%. She would be very happy to offer the same experience to you. Carolyn aims to live and work by the following words from Maya Angelou

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”

See what one of her vendors had to say about what you can expect when working with Carolyn George

“I knew Carolyn was the right person to promote the sale of my Taupo property before I considered listing so when I called her to ask her to act for me, she was onto it immediately. Furthermore, her connections and knowledge assisted me in achieving final council sign off in record time, a wonderful listing presentation, multiple backup offers and happy tenants in situ.

Thank you for your highly professional and very positive approach to the sale of my property and for gaining the best result possible.