Daniel Burrill - UP

Herne Bay

Daniel Burrill
A PROUD HISTORY Property is in my veins! Generations of my family have been involved in land development and property throughout Auckland - my Grandfather owned land on Great Barrier and a large farm in South Auckland, in 1984 he donated 9,500 acres of Great Barrier to the people of New Zealand. My father then took over the reins on our South Auckland farm until 2014. I spent time growing up on our farm and in the inner city suburb of Parnell. I was a born salesman, yet to fall into my calling of real estate, I started out selling oil paintings at a market, albeit a booming trade it wasn’t going to hold me for long. I always had a passion for appreciating houses, the history, the way our houses are unique expressions of ourselves - this passion led me to venture into the real estate industry. I spent some time training and selling houses in Parnell and I was sold. Early in 2003 I took the opportunity to work at the Unlimited Potential Herne Bay office, through hard work, commitment and having the salesman X-factor - I forged a name selling upper-end property in Herne Bay and St Mary's Bay. Over my 5 years in this area I consistently succeeded within the office and gained considerable market share in these suburbs of focus. NEW DESTINATIONS In 2007, I felt the need for a change of scenery. Having spent many holidays on Waiheke Island I became aware of Waiheke's potential and scope in the top end of the market. I was able to apply my sales skills to a summer destination - at times doing deals in Jandals. I specialised in the higher end of Waiheke’s real estate from coastal properties to farms. Six years on, multiple national awards, key high value sales and a trusted reputation as someone with discretion and values integrity. My enthusiasm for working with people, both in terms of negotiation and dedication to meeting customer needs, cemented my place in the niche top end where I have built networks with many of the countries business elite and wealthiest families. A WELCOME RETURN In 2014 I returned to the city, after taking a break from the business and building my own successful investment portfolio, I decided in 2017 it was time to get back to what I love – beautiful homes and great people! Returning to Unlimited Potential has been easy, I have always loved the company values and the customer focussed approach Unlimited Potential has. A return to the areas I love is providing me with a renewed energy and excitement! In my down time I spend it with my fiancé Davina and our children, I love fishing, yelling at refs via the tv, riding my Indian motorcycle and spending time in my hot house growing chillies.