David Simons - UP

Herne Bay

David Simons
David’s Secondary school years were spent at Auckland Grammar and one year was completed at a boarding school in Bath, England. Further study was undertaken to receive a 3 year Diploma in Hospitality Management. Immediately on completion David started a career in retail, working for nine years at Barkers Mens Clothing. Based at the Newmarket store he quickly became this companies top sales person, easily surpassing goals and objectives set by management and himself. After travelling extensively with his wife Maree, David settled down and decided on a change in career and was gratified when he was approached by the owners of Unlimited Potential to discuss a future in Real Estate. After further discussions David decided that a challenging and potentially rewarding career lay ahead in Real Estate. Results to date have been more than satisfactory and these confirm his beliefs that conscientious hard work will always achieve the best results for those who put their trust in his abilities. David is honest, efficient, works hard and enthusiastically to achieve the best results possible for all involved. David lives locally with his wife and two children and has been selling in the areas we serve since January 2004.