It takes just a short conversation to discover Fae’s infectious personality and people skills gained with a background in hospitality and hotel management.

Fae has an extensive background in property having worked in local real estate for the past 5 years, and having previously worked as a property investment educator where she advised people on investment strategies, how to analyse deals for yield and growth, and how to market their rentals for the highest return.

Property really is Fae’s passion, which is why she’s also got a tonne of personal experience. She’s invested in rentals, renovated, relocated, subdivided, demolished and traded – you name it, she’s done it. All of this translates into an unbeatable level of real estate knowledge, the ability to articulate the necessary information and the ability to empathise with your situation.

Being a people person, Fae finds real estate a hugely rewarding job. She loves seamlessly connecting buyers and sellers to fulfil everyone’s requirements and get the results they deserve. Along the way they are always assured of excellent communication, unbeatable service and a professional, committed and friendly approach.

“Here at UP, I have the resources to design your Marketing in a bespoke manner so that your home stands out from the crowd. I have a strong digital foot print that will also engage online interest. I’m enjoying my 5th year in the Auckland property market. I look forward to delivering you a listening, local, thoughtful response."