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When you embark on an important life journey, and the path is constantly changing, then having a trusted guide alongside you is not just an important decision….it’s imperative. Your guide needs to be experienced, knowledgeable, adaptable to fast changing conditions, show you the right way, point out obstacles, and accompany you safely to your final destination…all with the least amount of worry and stress.

More than 20 years ago Bridget started in real estate, and over this time has honed her skills to become an adept and astute guide to those undertaking their real estate journey, be it big or small. She has a talent for listening to her clients goals and needs, and then helping them reach them. She has navigated the market in good times, and bad, with her focus firmly on the road ahead. Don’t undersell the value of your property by using a less experienced agent.

She is passionate about her local area, and shares her knowledge that is vital for an educated choice, to bring you peace of mind, knowing that you have a confidant to help you make the best decisions on the day.

Straight forward, dependable and dedicated, Bridget consistently reaches her clients goals with premium results, so much so, that repeat and referral clients make up a significant part of her business.

Bridget’s values make this an outstanding partnership that puts trust, respect, and an outstanding client service above all else.

Don’t leave any stone unturned when selling your property, you only get one chance, so make Bridget & Wallace and Stratton your guide for your next real estate journey. You could not want for a better partnership to deliver you to the results that you need to put your future plans in place.