As a young man I purchased my first property at age 23 and a couple of years later married Cathy. From that time I entered the world of ‘Open Homes.’ I spent much of my spare weekend time walking through other homes getting ideas as to how to improve our home, while also keeping an eye out for potential investments. My interest in property, along with my observance of differing levels of customer service, led me to believe that I could provide as good a service as any, and so I became a Real Estate Salesperson in 2006.

My personal integrity assists me doing things right first time. I endeavour to make the Real Estate marketing, negotiation, and settlement of property as hassle free as possible, by committing to excellence at each step both to the client and the buyer. Being level headed when in negotiations, I have confidence in my ability to attain the best possible price for my clients.

I have experience in selling residential and lifestyle properties. These have ranged from sections, one bedroom units through to large family homes, lifestyle properties, burnt out or derelict dwellings, and homes with consent for commercial use. On a personal note I take particular interest in assisting elderly clients as they transition into rest home care, or retirement village living. I have a deep sense of extra care for our older citizens noting that these folk are leaving a host of memories and often the loss of a lifetime partner. There are a lot of stories I could tell about the different properties or people I have worked with.

Having lived in Palmerston North, Feilding, and Kairanga for many years I have a sound knowledge of the city and of the wider Manawatu. I enjoy being a dad to my three daughters, Danae, Rachel and Zoe. I appreciate the support of my wife Cathy in the careers I have had. My interests are my friends, home improvements, gardening, mentoring young adults, and spending most of my spare time with my family. My great great grandfather Torwald Pedersen on my maternal side settled from Denmark into the Manawatu in 1875. My great great grandfather on my paternal side Samuel Knight who came from England was an original settlor in Feilding in 1874 and we have had a family presence in the Manawatu ever since. Currently we live on a rural property near Feilding just 2kms from where my grandmother lived in Colyton 100 years ago as a small child.

Something interesting about me - without being aware of it, I ended up on the hidden camera show “Target” in 2006. This involved a phone call out of the blue asking me to appraise a home but with the tenants absent. It was not until the day before the episode was aired on TV3 that I found that I had been “captured” on film. My boss at the time was alarmed and lost sleep, I did not. I ‘top’ scored on Target and received job offers down the North Island.

I started work at Watson Real Estate in 2016 because I saw first-hand the family ethics that shone through any interaction I had with Watsons. I have bought, sold and tenanted property with Watsons even prior to my working here, and was always impressed with the great people there.


I’ve spent most of my life working in sales and administration while bringing up a family of three daughters. My personal ethos in sales is to provide more than excellent service, on time and with a can-do attitude.

Being married to someone who is ‘property’ mad, we’ve had our share of sales, purchases and do-ups. This has given us a wide range of experiences and exposure to what the housing market can do. I understand the emotions that go along with owning a home and how unsettling it can be when you need to move, but I also know how much of a difference a great real estate salesperson can make to that process.

I endeavor to take that real life learning and apply it to my role as a real estate salesperson, making the whole process smooth and as stress-free as possible for my clients.

I’ve had experience working for accountants, small business owners, schools and in retail. I pride myself in being versatile and adaptable in different situations. Because of my desire to help people I have been able to put my diploma in counselling to good use working with high school students, developing connections between business owners and linking them to the world of work. In my spare time I enjoy being with my family, cooking, reading, gardening, op-shopping and playing the piano.

Our family has lived in both Palmerston North and Feilding and I have grown to love the area for it’s relaxed pace of life, endless green paddocks and surrounding ranges. We currently enjoy living in the beautiful, peaceful countryside of rural Feilding.

We know, as a team, our joint skills and experiences enhance and complement each other. If you choose to use our services, you will get the benefit of our combined, individual strengths working together to make your property sale as hassle-free as possible.