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Action Real Estate, Land Agents (2007) Limited - Action Real Estate, Land Agents

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It is commonly held that moving home is one of life's most stressful events. In fact a 2015 study in the UK even put it at #1, ahead of divorce, relationship breakdown and starting a new job.*

So it is not surprising that we Real Estate Agents often find ourselves to be 80% counsellors and only 20% marketers and negotiators.

Most people change houses only a few times in their lifetimes while the Real Estate market is changing constantly and with it the technology and techniques used by the industry to achieve a sale. Finding an agent you trust is one of the first steps to reducing stress and achieving the outcome you want in a reasonable time.


As a local independent Real Estate office, our focus is to help our community achieve their Real Estate goals without undue pressure or unrealistic deadlines. We work a bit differently from the large franchise agencies. Because we don't pay franchise fees we are able to pay our sales people better and provide ongoing training with a view to constantly improving our skills. We invest our own money in marketing your property and are not bound by head office brand standards and protocols, meaning that we can respond quickly to changing market conditions and do what is best for you.

When the market is moving fast it can be difficult to secure a property in the face of multiple offers. No-one wants to pay too much, but how much is too much? And how do you maximise your chances of winning when other people are putting in offers at the same time?

Then, when the market slows, the temptation is to hold back and wait and see. How can you tell if it is just a blip or part of a long term trend?

For the answers to these and any other questions you have about Real Estate, take advantage of our considerable Real Estate expertise. Join us for a coffee and a chat and ask how we can help to get you moving. We welcome your call on 07 578 0699. ​