Tim Webb - Agent of Change


Tim Webb
I Help Homeowners Bank Uncommonly Good Results By SHOW-Selling Their Property On The Real Estate Road Less Traveled. “Be the change you want to see in the world”, Gandhi said. So, I did. “Agent Of Change” seemed a fitting tag. You see, early in 2020, I was sacked from NZ’s “most trusted” real estate agency for publishing some revealing home truths about the local Real Estate industry. Outraged and frustrated, my community demanded I create my own ethical brand of Real Estate. But Agent Of Change wasn’t born from public demand. It was born from choosing a road less traveled, to honour public demand. I’m Tim Webb, and it’s no accident you’re reading this. You’re seeking an uncommonly good agent whose talent and skill produce uncommonly good results. Whose moral compass, work ethic and creative marketing IQ, underpin and showcase a track record, proven to consistently add life-changing wealth to Kiwi family empires, year after year after year. Sounds too good to be true, right? The reason being is you’ve been openly lied to, secretly ripped off, short-changed and shafted by Real Estate agents and agencies for decades. Frankly, a principled and ethically minded, duty of care approach, supported by integrity driven fees when transacting your property, was long overdue. That’s why this Agent Of Change has earned public accolade along with the support of an ever-increasing underground network of Real Estate industry peers, very much in favour of a new industry ethos. The days of having to sell your home on the hard road, are over. Because uncommonly good service and results are now experienced on the road less traveled. I’m Tim Webb - Agent Of Change. Wanna lift?