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Monica is the newest addition to the Arizto team and will be focussing on sunny Tauranga. She is very passionate about property and believes wholeheartedly in honesty, integrity and transparency so you can expect a great experience when you list with her.

Prior to becoming a real estate agent, Monica was a self-employed business owner for 24 years, and her businesses were all focused on real estate in some way. She gained an array of experiences, and believes the most important skill is the ability to communicate with people, which is crucial in buying and selling houses.

Whether it’s renovating an old home, building a new one or landscaping the garden, Monica is in her element. When she’s not selling houses or renovating her own home, her favourite things to do are to spend time with family, or get out into nature and enjoy the beauty of New Zealand.

Monica brings a wealth of knowledge of all things Real Estate and beyond, she is approachable and a great listener, and will help you get the results you are looking for.