Rawinia Matthews - Arizto

Real Estate

Rawinia Matthews
Passionate and driven, Rawinia has developed a reputation for consistently achieving high results. She exudes positive energy, which she is able to channel into her client relationships. Her friendly, compassionate nature only strengthens her impressive negotiating skills, as she is in tune with the needs of her clients, and it’s this perfect combination of character and expertise that has helped her succeed as an agent for over 20 years. Rawinia has worked for big international agencies and top of the range boutique agencies, and is an associate of the Real Estate Institute. Her daughter Te Rere Cleveland has followed in her footsteps, and the two of them form a powerful real estate duo. Family is extremely important to Rawinia–she comes from a large whanau of 13 kids and is always busy planning the next hui. Coming from such a large and tight knit family has made her a successful networker, and she easily forms close connections with people. Sport is another passion of hers, with provincial hockey, tennis and squash just a few of the ways she stays fit. When she’s not playing sport, she’s watching it. Rawinia enjoys watching rugby and cricket with her whanau, and she is a strong supporter of the Warriors. When she’s not occupied with properties, whanau, or sport, Rawinia loves to travel.