"I always arrive late at the office, but I make up for it by leaving early."

Fascinated by Charles Lamb's saying, Rizwan is the perfect embodiment for this quote. With over nine years of experience in sales and business management, he has managed to stay on top of all the opportunities and challenges he has ventured into over time.

He has a very agile, empathetic and obliging approach; and with his determination, Rizwan has never failed to please his clients. His knowledge of the property market and his outgoing personality is what makes him an asset for his clients. Rizwan believes in going an extra mile which makes him stand out as one of the most diligent salespeople in the market; and the results more prodigious.

Prior to real estate, Rizwan graduated from the university of Auckland with a degree in electrical engineering. Along with his field career, Rizwan took pleasure in looking after his own business as well as working for the University of Auckland as technical staff and his family business, making him a multi-tasker.

With his all-rounder abilities, he aims to provide for his clients the best deals that are out there.

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