When professionalism and experience count

As a business professional with years of experience working both in sales and managerial roles for top international companies, Beverley Bain understands the importance of delivering an experience that goes above and beyond customer expectations.

Beverley's communication skills matched with her commitment to following up and following through have helped her establish many strong customer relationships. As well as putting clients at ease throughout the process, this ensures clients and customers are able to make informed decisions.

Always with her clients' best interests at heart, Beverley is straight-up from the word go. She keenly qualifies buyers before introducing them to properties, avoiding wasting both the clients' and the customers' time. When it comes to the negotiation stage, Beverley is strong and effective.

With more than 22 years working from the Glen Eden office and living in West Auckland, Beverley has a wide knowledge of the local market to share with her clients.

Beverley is an outgoing, positive person, relating well with all she meets. She has travelled extensively and enjoys the arts - theatre, movies and music.

For a true real estate professional with years of business and sales experience, call Beverley today.