Jo Orawiec & Cherry Yang & Ellie Wang - Barfoot & Thompson

Mt Roskill

Jo Orawiec & Cherry Yang & Ellie Wang
THE "POWER OF THREE" TEAM JO - A Kiwi, married to a Polish man for 40 years. We have two grown up girls. My background was nursing older folk in a rest home. I loved this, looking after them, making them happy, but emotionally and physically it was very hard, more especialy when some became sick or passed away. It was easy to form a bond, so it hurt when they went. I made the hard decision to give this up, moved into real estate 17 years ago, and found another passion!. I am still looking after people, helping them sell or buy, helping them achieve their dream, and it's a great feeling seeing happy people. CHERRY - I was born in Shanghai China. I immigrated to New Zealand in 1998 and I am married with one grown up son - we live locally. My background was nursing in emergency care for 13 years, so I like to consider myself calm and level thinking. For 18 years I have been selling real estate and feel my nursing background has given me an abillity to build long lasting relationships, an empathy for people, and it's a great pleasure to have their trust in me. We do a lot of referral work, so I would like to think people see me as having a reputation as a caring, reliable and hard working person. I speak Mandarin and English and can understand Cantonese. ELLIE - I was born in North China and immigrated to New Zealand in 2011. I am married with one son. Thanks to my parents, I am a naturally patient person, and have had "hard work" instilled into me! I have a past background in business ownership, so I know how important it is to provide the VERY BEST SERVICE, so people return. I can work confidently alongside a broad range of clients and customers, both nationally and internationally, speaking English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Being able to communicate with people in their own language can make them more comfortable. Communication is extremely important to me, listening and empathy is extremely important, in order to satisfy those I am working for. Our 'POWER OF THREE' team is just that - POWERFUL! With a combination of Kiwi/Asian agents working for you, we have all bases covered with all ethnic groups. Our phones are always on which means there is one of us available to answer questions, whenever you need an answer! When selling, you only pay one commission. In effect, you have three times the level of service, for just one price. With a combined 40 plus years experience, it's a nice feeling to be able to have repeat and referral business, its even better having an amazing BARFOOT AND THOMPSON team behind us, and know we are making a real difference to our customers and clients. We try to make the process as stress free as possible, and have some laughter along the way. We look forward to working for you.