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Pt Chevalier

Heather Hannah
I believe a profile should give you an insight into the person you are about to trust totally, with probably your biggest asset. Ultimately, the decision will be made when you meet face to face with me but this is just a little taste. Firstly, I am not a flashy person - I am not the top seller in the company and also I don't sell 10 properties a month. I also don't believe that to be the best agent, you have to drive the latest Porsche and I do like a little work/life balance. I am a very down to earth, honest person who believes that telling the truth, listening and having empathy is the way to gain trust. Now, that doesn't mean I don't talk because I do (and often too much if you ask some people!) but I care what happens to people. I care about endangered animals and under-privileged children. And I care about each and every client of mine, if their property is worth half a million or 10 million dollars. When you employ me, I am the one who you will hear from and see on a regular basis whenever necessary. What I am is a caring person who is good at their job. I have been through many different and challenging markets in my real estate career and I am still here, pretty much because I love doing the job I do and helping people make possibly one of life's biggest decisions. The reason to sell has to be your choice and I am here to provide the best feedback to enable you to make that decision. I have laughed and cried with clients and in many cases, some have become very dear friends. But I know in every case, I have done the very best I can to help the people who have put their faith in me. My other passions outside of real estate are travel, sport and spending time with my son and family. I am originally from Scotland but stopped (literally) half way, in New Zealand, whilst on a round-the-world ticket, and never left. That was in 1987! Having said that, my slightly obscure Scottish humour hasn't left me! I have travelled a lot of the world and from an early age, have seen the happy side and the not so happy poverty-stricken side of places. It has made me appreciate each and every day I am on this earth. Sport has played a big part in my life also, and I enjoy nothing more now than a long hike or an hour at the gym. If I am not participating, I am probably watching the latest All Black or Warrior's game or an athletic event! I hope that, after reading this, you will have the confidence to contact me to assist with your next venture in the real estate world. Heather