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Upper Hutt

Katie Beddis
Katie Beddis - An experienced local real estate salesperson who has proven herself to deliver outstanding service. Known for her integrity and work ethic, Katie will be able to exceed your expectations of what a real estate salesperson can do. An Upper Hutt local and experienced Real Estate Agent, I am proud to say I grew up here and now have the pleasure of not only raising my young family with my husband Dan, but also getting to assist my clients with buying and selling great homes and properties across the valley. If my passion for this place isn’t already evident, in my spare time, I’m also heavily involved in the community with netball; as both a player and committee member, which I absolutely love! (Side note: If my grit and flair on the netball court doesn’t convince you that I’m the sort of person that will go above and beyond to get the job done; I don’t know what will!) Described by those who know me as organised, energetic, and sincere, I am a warm and engaging people-person who gets a real kick out of putting smiles on dials! How the heck did I get into Real Estate, you may be wondering? Well, armed with that burning desire to help others and a professional background working in a family construction business, PLUS my potentially unhealthy obsession with DIY home renovations, I made the transition quite seamlessly! Now rather than asking the local hardware store millions of questions about power tools, glue, and screws, I have channeled my passion for buying, renovating, and selling homes into working hard as your friendly, local and knowledgeable Real Estate agent. In addition to possessing strong family values and a relentless work ethic that drives me ‘not to stop’ until I achieve excellent outcomes for my clients, I am highly proactive and have exceptional time management skills. Hopefully, you will agree that these are the types of personal and professional qualities you want in someone who is on a mission to negotiate the best price for you. So, whether you are seeking the perfect buyer for your home or wanting to get into your first home (or your dream home), I will be right beside you; bursting with enthusiasm, sharing in your excitement, and continually striving to exceed your expectations. (I promise I will leave my tool belt at home!)