Annitta has an infectious sense of humour and a laugh not to be missed! She is deeply embedded in the local community and is known for the care she takes of those around her. On summer weekends Annitta is either found at Marahau, with her nose in a book, off kayaking, tramping or relaxing with her husband. Or enjoying spending time with her treasured family and friends.

Why should Annitta and John manage your property?

Annitta joined our team early 2015, coming to us after 8 years as an international student liaison and coordinator. In this role she further developed her natural perceptiveness and communication skills. These skills, she puts to great use in her current role, for her communication with you the home owner, the tenants and the tenant selection process. Annitta’s knowledge of the area is equalled only by her depth of community standing.

The skills she brings to the role after working extensively with people from many different cultures enables Annitta to communicate clearly, openly and with respect.

Annitta is the ideal manager for your home. She is highly detail orientated and will ensure your home is maintained to the highest standard, communicating with you along the way. Annitta believes in doing things properly and never cutting corners.

She works alongside John who is equally detail orientated and thorough. Annitta and John are very intuitive and genuinely share each other’s ideas and thoughts making them a great team! Contact us to learn more about working with Annitta and John.