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Caine Statham Plimmerton

3/2 Northpoint Street, Plimmerton 5026



You can save time, money and stress by using Caine Statham to sell your monolithic / plaster home.

Caine Statham are New Zealand’s only specialist plaster home real estate agency.

For your benefit, we have created a team that has extensive experience ( over 1,900 homes! ) in assessing, preparing, valuing and selling plaster homes, whether directly for Caine Statham, or as service providers to some of the largest real estate agencies in the country.

The Caine Statham approach helps you to achieve maximum available market price by looking after both you, and your home’s purchaser.

Caine Statham Real Estate was founded in 2014. The reason for our creation was to protect owner’s equity in plaster homes.Plaster homes / monolithic homes are often stigmatised as “leaky homes” regardless of their condition. Caine Statham Real Estate created a unique system, to assess, prepare and provide a guarantee for plaster home buyers and sellers. The results have been outstanding for many sellers, and have provided “peace of mind” for buyers, allowing both buyers and sellers to benefit from a system designed to protect their interests.If you are a seller looking to protect your equity in your plaster / monolithic home, it’s time to talk to us because we are the plaster home specialists.