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Kirsty & Blair Cashmore
The name behind the brand. Since 2001, Blair’s been there and done that in real estate. With his wide range of experience in roles such as Salesperson, Auctioneer, Marketing Manager, Auction Manager, Branch Manager, Business Owner & Director – it’s fair to say that Blair understands what vendors and buyers really want, and most importantly – what they really need from a real estate agency. Which is less of the traditional old-school corporate sales model, and more of an attraction agency with a different and creative marketing approach to selling homes… fronted by real people who live normal lives like you, that you can relate to. A true local lad with a vast network from all walks of life, Blair’s vision is to change the game in real estate by embracing the power of digital marketing and keeping it real. And with a wife, five kids, a dog, a cat, a ride-on lawnmower and a mortgage… it doesn’t get more real than that.