Candice is originally from Beijing , and has lived in east Auckland for over ten years. she has great knowledge of the local real estate market especially in Meadowland. The attraction of the ever changing environment and excitement in real estate industry encouraged Candice to start her career here .

Prior to making the move to the real estate industry, Candice gained a MBA and a Bachelor degree in Accounting. She had great sales and customer service experience in Jewelry, International SOS and Hospitality industry , Together with her financial experience in Nokia, Candice is an intuitively skilled negotiator, a great communicator ,a creative marketing planner, a financial adviser and a good friends.

Not only being passionate to help people, Candice also actively supports our communities. She donates for charity organizations such as UNICEF and WWF as well as local charity fundraising.

if you're looking for a professional agent who is dedicated to listening to your needs, has the knowledge to deal with all the tricky legal aspects of real estate negotiation and will exceed your expectations, all in a friendly and ethical manner, then you must meet Candice!