William YIP & Anita Corlett - Collective First National


William YIP & Anita Corlett
Behind every successful Team YIP sale, is a strategy second to none. Our unique approach has ensured 98% of all our clients have SOLD! Team YIP has a solid history of successful marketing strategies and business innovations, We are a team of 11 - the largest support team in the area! This ensures we are specialised and are focused only on the tasks that are most important. Plus we can take all the stress away with coming to market! We take your biggest asset very seriously and ensures no corners are cut so you get the very best possible outcome. We believe in doing it one and doing it right. We believe in focusing on things that we can actually control, such as providing an efficient and comprehensive selling process - rather than empty promises. William also trains and mentors some of the best Real Estate talent in Australasia and is available for speaking / training engagements.