Jason Raumati-Greenhalgh - Crockers

Property Management

Jason Raumati-Greenhalgh
Originally from Dunedin with my favourite colours being blue and yellow … I studied at Otago University and have a Degree in Economics and a Diploma in Management. I moved to Auckland over 20 years ago and have worked with Crockers for nearly half that time. Prior to Crockers, I worked for Housing NZ for 3 years which kicked off my future in Property Management. Being in the property industry, I have owned and currently am a property investor. I understand the need to be organised, trustworthy and believe having an open communication line with clients is absolute paramount. If you would like a 'health check' on your investment property, regardless whether you manage it yourelf or are with a property management provider, I would be happy to help. In the weekends, my children enjoy lots of sporting activities - so you will always find us at a soccer field and when I get the chance I enjoy the odd basketball game.