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Palmerston North

Sheryn Prince
A little bit about me! I have been in Real Estate now for over six years and times were certainly different when I entered the market. For one it was definitely a buyers’ market, seldom did we experience multi offers, cash unconditional offers were pretty much non-existence and it would be fairly normal for an Agency Agreement to be extended for the entire sales process to be completed. Patience and persistence was certainly key and I believe those were the aspects which made me fall in love with my career. Real Estate is extremely rewarding and as much as I use to love my previous life making customers breakfast, lunches and dinners for them, having an unconditional letter send through from a vendor’s lawyer or having an excited Purchaser ring to ask if they can pick up the keys is just the icing on the cake! Knowing you have assisted your clients with such an important moment in their life is truly rewarding and I appreciate every transaction I have assisted with. If I could do this for free I absolutely would but like everyone else in this world, there are bills to pay! I do believe clients need to be treated fairly especially when it comes to the commissions that they pay. It certainly is true you get what you pay for, but technology has made our working lives a lot easier now and the time it takes to sell a property has dramatically reduced. I have put myself into a position that allows me to offer a much fairer commission structure to my clients as I don’t have the overheads of an office to finance. I believe this creates a win / win situation for everyone involved in the transaction! A strong work ethic was engrained into me from a young age and has carried through into my current working life. I make sure I am always Firing On All 8 Cylinders and that I provide my customers with the best possible service. I don’t run any support staff apart from my trusty sidekick Boris (yes she’s a girl) and I believe it’s important that if I am hired to assist with the sale of your home, I attend all your open homes, talk to all your buyers, negotiate all offers and provide my owners with accurate communication and feedback that I have obtained through my own eyes and ears so that my clients can make the best informed decisions. This is also the reason why I like to keep my active listings at any one time to a certain amount as then I can assure all my clients receive the absolute best possible service! Basically that is me in a nutshell, what you see is what you get! I am down to earth and honest but I will call a spade a spade if I have to. I believe you should have fun with your clients and I treasure the relationships I have made over the years and the clients I now call friends. I am available 24/7 and I would love the opportunity to be able to assist you with any Real Estate needs.