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Sheryn has been in the Real Estate Industry for over seven years now and has seen a significant change in how we buy and sell properties and what clients expect from their agents. Clients have so much more information available at their fingertips so Sheryn understands that as an agent she needs to provide you with MORE and better quality information, otherwise what is the point?

Sheryn has a proven record of providing a platinum level of service to her clients. She understands the importance of being available around the clock and values the long term relationships that she has made. Sheryn’s objective is to provide excellent service but also being upfront and honest – “she tells me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear.”

Noticing there was an opportunity to differentiate from the “normal” Real Estate traditions, Sheryn’s main focus is on digital marketing and getting your property in front of the ‘right’ buyers. Street fronts and unnecessary office overheads are out the door and being free from these constraints means that Sheryn can provide more value to her clients.

Results speak for themselves! - ratemyagent.co.nz/real-estate-agent/sheryn-prince-ag611/sales/reviews