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Palmerston North

Sheryn Prince
Sheryn’s understanding of excellent customer service comes from her proven sales background. Prior to Real Estate, Sheryn was based in Auckland working for the Subway Head Office. Working as a Business Consultant, Sheryn’s main objective was to build a trusted rapport with Franchisees in the system, and work alongside them in order to, decrease costs and increase sales and profitability in their restaurants. While in this role, the opportunity to purchase the Franchise in Feilding became available, to which Sheryn saw a huge potential to execute the skills she had acquired in her consultant role. She successfully owned and operated the business for over five years. Why select Sheryn as your Real Estate Agent? Well firstly you just need to observe her work ethic, she is always firing on 8 cylinders! She will genuinely listen to your needs and requirements and will work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure the successful sale of your property.“There is no place like home and the satisfaction for me is to be able to put all my energy into helping people with one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives.” Sheryn’s non work life revolves around her V8 Holdens and HSV’s. Sheryn has become known for driving around town with her partner in crime - side kick Boris aka the racing ute!